Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wow, EPSON. Thanks for raeping me dry.

I've just found out that EPSON printers will not allow you to print in black & white if any of your other color cartridges are low. Why, you ask? So EPSON can squeeze every penny out of you humanly possible, while filling all of your available holes with their loving. I've redesigned your slogan, I hope you don't mind - feel free to send a royalty check or two in the mail if you gangsters end up using it:

Seriously though, are they not profitable enough as it is? I was low on black, so I went out and purchased a black cartridge for 18 bucks. No, unfortunately that's just not going to cut it baby. You will buy the f*cking yellow as well, even if you have no intention of using yellow whatsoever. Fuck you EPSON.


  1. I also own an Epson printer, and that practise really frustrates me.

    When this printer breaks I won't be going back to Epson that's for sure.

  2. that's so wrong, fucking abusive companies

  3. HP does the same fucking thing.

  4. I hate all printers, I should start a company that doesn't facerape people when they want to print something.

  5. one day imma start an honest business
    you give people a little more than they ask for
    the product works perfectly, just like advertised
    affordable, and all that good stuff
    people want business' like that, but the god damn competition destroys all the honest good people

  6. I have never, ever had the privilege of working with a printer that does exactly what I want, when I want it.

    You know that scene in Office Space where they destroy the office printer with baseball bats and stuff? You should do that with your Epson when you get a new printer.

  7. LoL i really enjoy your adaptation of Epson>
    Reminds me of all the trouble I've had in life with my printer!

  8. That takes the pish tbh, Nice blog btw, will enjoy reading this one

  9. I know I'm not going to buy an EPSON any time soon.

  10. hahaha lame epson
    also love the idea of this blog